The Rising Phoenix is a poet who believes that anything that is not attempted is a failure. The Rising Phoenix began writing poetry in 5th grade and has grown into a trendsetting poet that captivates her listeners with every word.

A past heartbreak reignited her poetic fire, but life as a whole is the current fuel to her creativity. Being such a free spirit, The Rising Phoenix's most important life goal is to be the best at whatever she does.

Her debut CD, "A\Way With Words" is sure to take you on a musical and lyrical journey through life and love through the eyes of one of the most dynamic poets of the 21st century. The Rising Phoenix is produced by one of the most dynamic producers of the 21st century, Djoser G-Q.

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Djoser G-Q, aka Djoser The Composer, is Mic Check Productions, Inc's premier producer/composer/arranger/writer/musician, and is one of today's top production talents. His inspiration comes from all life, art, and music. Being a musician, and having an appreciation for all music makes him a well-versed, multi-genre composer. Djoser not only works with musicians, but artists alike, giving him the ability to sculpt and craft musical masterpieces of epic proportions.

His debut album "As I Sit In Silence" Is THE instrumental mood music CD of the decade! With musical influences ranging from classical, so New Age. From meditation to yoga, this CD is sure to inspire the mind, body, and spirit!

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